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Hellcase Promo Codes 2023 + January Review

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HellCase Review & Experience

Hellcase Promo Codes List for Free:

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hellcase promo code

Anyone who has ever dealt with boxes and skins for CSGO will probably have come across the name Hellcase. The provider with the sonorous name has only been in the industry for a few months, but has become one of the points of contact in record time. It is not necessarily difficult to discover why. That Hellcase works seriously is demonstrated by several aspects, for example. There is also a large selection available, which is further enhanced by weekly give-aways and gifts. We’ll tell you what other Hellcase experiences we have gathered below. We can already reveal that there is no need to fear fraud or rip-off.

How to use Hellcase promo code?

  1. Step 1. Register via Steam on hellcase.com
    hellcase sign in
  2. Step 2. After that click to “Refill” button
    hellcase refill
  3. Step 3. Go to “Filling up the balance:” section.
    hellcase promo code
  4. Step 4. Enter the code “orksgaming” and click the “Apply” button and your account will be credited with $0.70 for free and the referral gets +10% bonus to their first deposit, +7% to the second and +5% to all the subsequent ones.

Our experience with Hellcase: Full Review

The fact that Hellcase is one of the very young providers on the market can quickly be seen from its modern appearance. Only high-resolution graphics are used, which really make you want to open a box. So far the website is available on different languages, include English, but overall this should only disturb very few players. There is not really much written on the homepage anyway, so the pictures, graphics and menus are of great importance. The securing of player data by Comodo Secure and the different options for making deposits are also positive. Those who place a high value on a chic bonus offer can also look forward to a weekly gift according to our Hellcase experience.

Is Hellcase legit?

First of all, it can be said that payments at Hellcase can be made using the PayPal electronic wallet, among other things. At the same time, this also means that buyer protection applies here. So should there ever be a scam or a rip off from a provider, the customer’s money is by no means lost. Users do not have to deal with such problems anyway, because Hellcase works seriously and trustingly. The player data is also always backed up, which is primarily the responsibility of Comodo Secure encryption. So the bottom line is that customers are dealing with a reliable and reputable provider.

The offer at a glance

In general, the Hellcase range is extremely versatile. The provider provides various weapon boxes, but also offers opaque boxes for CSGO or stickers. Of course, most customers are particularly interested in the weapon boxes, which ultimately also offer the largest selection in the portfolio. For example, users can choose between skins for the Glock-18 and other pistols or skins for the M4A4 and other machine guns. Also on board are the skins for knives, which are extremely popular with numerous players. In the area of ​​stickers, the provider is also well sorted and offers, for example, Mirage, Overpass, Rising Sun, Gods and Monsters, Alpha or Chop Shop as stickers.

The prices for the individual skins and packages are of course different. For the pure weapon boxes, the cost is usually between $ 0.30 and a few hundred dollars – depending on the offer. Stickers, on the other hand, are much cheaper and are usually available for a few cents to a few dollars. The prices are displayed directly on the home page, which is why no player is at risk of a nasty surprise after the purchase. A pretty positive surprise is the weekly gift that customers can earn through various services. This little effort can be worthwhile, because it is not uncommon for Hellcase to award a few “real hits” with this campaign.

Deposit: Always top up the account quickly

There is good news for those who want to fill up their account in a simple and uncomplicated way, because this is exactly what Hellcase can do for you. There is a pleasant variety in the payment portfolio, so that customers can choose between different options. All payments are always processed securely and guarantee the highest level of seriousness. Possible options for the transactions are, for example, the electronic wallet PayPal, Skrill or the credit cards from Mastercard and Visa. The payments are always processed with the help of the G2A Pay service, which can actually be found at every provider of this type. It is important to note that the deposits require a minimum amount of five US dollars. However, this hurdle is not really high, so that even inexperienced users with small wallets can easily participate in the offer.

Security and regulation: everything well secured

According to our Hellcase experience, users don’t have to worry about security or their own money. For example, the feedback from other users is convincing and all of them are positive. So there can be no question of fraud or rip-off. In addition, the protection provided by Comodo Secure also plays an important role in this context. If customers provide personal and sensitive data, they will be fully encrypted using the service. With regard to the payments, there is also no danger, since the deposits made with PayPal are, for example, associated with protection for the buyers. In this way, several aspects ensure that Hellcase works reliably and that customers are in the best hands at all times.

Support and Hellcase’s customer service

In our Hellcase test in the area of ​​customer care, we were able to see a little more room for improvement. The advice from a member of the support department is really seriously available, primarily by email. A telephone hotline or a live chat, as it is available with some competitors in the field of CSGO casinos, are unfortunately not yet part of the provider’s equipment. In return, customers can rely on the fact that their emails can be sent around the clock. In our experience, the waiting time of a couple of hours is still fully in line. Interesting: You can also contact the provider via some social networks, which include Facebook or Twitter, for example. An FAQ section is also available, whereby only English support is offered in any way.

hellcase case battle

Ease of use: easy control

With Hellcase, navigation is extremely easy. The provider almost completely dispenses with text and, with the exception of a few buttons and menus, only builds on an illustrated offer. Of course, this brings a few advantages, because the different boxes and packages can be seen at a glance. At the same time, the visual appearance is enormously modern and consequently also very appealing. There are no filter functions or a search field. However, this is not really disadvantageous for users, since the entire portfolio is presented very clearly anyway.

Hellcase Review Conclusion: A first class address for skins

There are several aspects to the fact that Hellcase players are dealing with a reputable provider. On the one hand, customer data is always completely secure, on the other hand, transactions are always carried out securely. A fraud or rip-off can be excluded, especially since the customer opinions clearly demonstrate that Hellcase works seriously and safely. There is also no reason to complain about the portfolio, as there is a good selection and navigation is always successful. We currently only see a real need for improvement in the support area, which mainly relies on an e-mail address. It is also a pity that German-speaking advice cannot be offered to German customers. Since these two small criticisms are not particularly tragic, the bottom line is that the offer is very quick-witted and should surely meet the tastes of many users.

Freequently Asked Questions about Hellcase.com

Is Hellcase legit?

Yes Hellcase itself is legit, they have a great list of cases and one of the fastest instant withdrawal system.

How to use Hellcase promo code?

Login vua Steam and use our code “orksgaming” for receiving from $0.65 up to $0.70 for free depending on how lucky you are.

Can you withdraw skins from Hellcase?

Yes, you can instantly withdraw different skins from Hellcase

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