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Hellcase is a platform that offers a wide variety of cases for CS: GO and Dota 2. Given the variety and huge selection, CS: GO players will be able to find a lot of both original and unique cases to buy and open them.

Hellcase often holds various events for different occasions, and this is a great chance to catch a break and get fabulous prizes. But the events are held only for specific days. So Hellcase went further. The site allows users to receive gifts daily thanks to the Daily Free. You can learn more about this feature of Hellcase in the article.

What is Hellcase Daily Free?

Daily Free is a bonus feature of Hellcase. After completing certain steps, you automatically get the opportunity to enjoy gifts for a month, every day! This bonus allows users to stay energized between big events and continue to enjoy.

How Does Daily Free Work?

The principle of the Daily Free function is straightforward; you want gifts – Hellcase gives them to you. To get them, you need to follow only a few steps that will not take you much time.

You can do one of the following:

  • either change the avatar in your Steam account
  • refill your account with $5

By doing this, you can receive gifts for 30 days in a row.

After receiving the first prize, you will see how the counter counts down the time until your next attempt. You can also keep track of what prizes you have received and watch your achievements. Now let’s move on to the most important thing – what you can get and how to use it.

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What You Can Get With Daily Free?

The system automatically randomly generates your prize selection.

The types of prizes available are:

  • a random item as a case or any skin, including knife and weapon blues
  • money to your balance

What you can do with skins and cases is clear. you can add them to your Steam inventory and use them in the game.

After receiving Wartags , you can exchange them for a case or for something else. The more Wartags you have, the more chances you have that you will still open the case and get what you have long wanted.

Well, replenishment of the balance is also pleasing, since, with this money, you can also purchase any item in the online store.

Is Hellcase Daily Free Worth it?

Definitely, it’s worth a try !

Firstly, it’s free if you choose the option to change the profile picture. Even if you prefer to buy it for $5, that’s definitely less than what you can get for a whole month of daily surprises, especially since you do not spend this money but put it on your balance on the site.

Secondly, it does not take much time. By spending just a few minutes updating the avatar or replenishing your account, you enter the period of 30 days when you are guaranteed to get something interesting. And, in general, it is exciting and intriguing.

Daily Free is definitely a feature of Hellcase that you should not pass by because there, you can be surprised by a truly unique item that you can get absolutely free.

Hellcase Daily Free Requirments

Speaking of effort, there are still several that must be completed in order to become a member of the Daily Free bonus feature.

First of all, you must have a Steam account. In addition, the data of the game and your profile must be public. The next important factor is experience you must have at least 12 hours of playing CS: GO or Dota 2.

These are two requirements that most users have probably already met.  And, of course, you must complete two more to directly be able to receive prizes. Those who want to receive them absolutely free can simply change their profile picture in Steam using Hellcase.

And the option that requires minimal investment is to replenish the balance by $5, which you can use and buy cases in the future.

How to Get Free CSGO Skins?

How to Get Free CSGO Skins

Having received a brand new skin as a gift from Hellcase, you can immediately add it to your Steam inventory.

First, you must go to the menu and select the “Items” section. There will be a list of items that you have and had, as well as their status.

Each skin is depicted in a square frame. In the upper left corner of this frame is a “Submit” button. You need to click it, confirm the action, and wait for the exchange offer to be ready. Once it’s ready, click on the “Get” button, and voila, now you have this skin in your inventory.

If you received a case as a reward, just open it and follow the steps written above.

If Wartags is your reward, that’s also great because you can collect the amount you need and choose a case from those offered.


  • Fulfill all the requirements of the Daily Free
  • Use your steam account


Do not close your Steam account and avatar within the specified period.

To Wrap Up!

Only one conclusion can be drawn about the Daily Free – this is a great idea. After all, you will be able to receive rewards in the form of long-awaited and desired skins or cases for free. Daily Free is something everyone should definitely try because Hellcase goes above and beyond to keep users happy.

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