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Attention, this is not a drill! Counter-Strike 2, the CS:GO killer, is real and coming in the Summer of 2023. Valve announced that in a few months, they would finally release the long-awaited update to begin a new era of Counter-Strike. Also, they let the fans take a peek behind the scenes and revealed some of the future features.

Courtesy: Valve
Courtesy: Valve

On March 22, developers revealed that Source 2 is coming and Counter-Strike 2 is the biggest technical leap in the series’ history. They released a website covering the newest features and the Limited Test F.A.Q.

Today we're excited to announce Counter-Strike 2. Counter-Strike 2 is an overhaul to every system, every piece of content, and every part of the C-S experience. First, let's talk about smoke grenades:

— CS2 (@CounterStrike) March 22, 2023

First things first, the smoke grenade mechanics are completely reworked. In Counter-Strike 2, they are “dynamic volumetric objects that interact with the environment and react to lighting, gunfire, and explosions”. Smokes are now responsive, meaning you will be able to push smoke to briefly clear sightlines or expand occlusion.

Has anybody seen the tick rate? Oops, it’s gone, just your opportunity to blame server lags for missing your shots. Tick rate no longer matters for moving, shooting, or throwing as Counter-Strike 2 presents a sub-tick update architecture. You can learn more about it in the video Valve published on their official YouTube channel.

In Counter-Strike 2, maps are reinvented to make the in-game world cleaner, brighter, and simply better.

Every map in Counter-Strike 2 falls under one of three categories: touchstone maps, upgraded maps, and fully overhauled ones. The first ones, like de_dust2, have not changed apart from getting improvements to lighting and character reading.

Let’s Have a Closer Look

Here is the old Back Plat on Dust 2.

 old Back Plat on Dust 2.
Courtesy: Valve

And here is how it looks on the touched-up map we will try out in Counter-Strike 2.

New  Back Plat on Dust 2
Courtesy: Valve

Upgraded maps, like Nuke, use new Source 2 lighting, including a physically based rendering system that produces realistic materials, lighting, and reflections.

Here’s a screenshot of the old A site we’re used to seeing in CS:GO.

old A site Nuke
Courtesy: Valve

And here is how Nuke’s A Site looks reworked with the new lightning and rendering effects. Can’t wait to play here!

New A site Nuke
Courtesy: Valve

The fully overhauled maps, however, have been rebuilt from scratch using Source 2 tools and rendering features, and Overpass is on the list.

This is what A Long on Overpass looks like now in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive.

old A Long on Overpass
Courtesy: Valve

Here’s the A Long on the new Overpass, a map that looks almost unrecognizable in Counter-Strike 2.

new A Long on Overpass
Courtesy: Valve

Previously, there had been rumors that CS:GO skins would not be transferable to Counter-Strike 2, and it even led to a portion of players selling their cosmetics “before it’s too late”.

However, your entire arsenal will be brought to Counter-Strike 2, so fear not.


Developers also claimed your skins would look way better due to the benefits of Source 2 lighting and materials. In addition, the models of all stock weapons have been upgraded with high-resolution models.

Apart from other changes, the new audio system is coming. The sounds in Counter-Strike 2 are reworked and reverbed so that they become more distinct and reflect the physical environment better than ever before.

reflect the physical environment
Courtesy: Valve

Visual effects are updated for Counter-cStrike 2 as well. The Source 2 lightning and particle system helped developers bring new looks to the game. Water, explosions, fire, smoke, muzzle flashes, bullet tracers, and impact effects will look different.

Let’s See the Gameplay Visuals

Developers redesigned the gameplay visuals but kept readability in mind while doing that.


Also, the environmental effects will now look much more realistic. See the examples for yourself.


Counter-Strike 2 will have a fresh UI design, including an animated HUD.


These are all the changes we know of so far, but we are sure to hear more from Valve. Some CS:GO players have already started receiving invites for closed Limited Test. If you have not received your invite yet, check here for all the necessary information.

Whew, it’s real! We will keep you posted about the new features of Counter-Strike 2, so visit us more often. Explore our blog for more articles about CS:GO skins and other cosmetics, in-depth game guides, and esports news. Stay tuned!

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