You asked, and we delivered. Deposit bonuses and more are now available on CSGORoll!

New Affiliate System

We've always been proud of our affiliate system. But we understand that it mainly benefitted a specific group of people; those that had taken advantage in our earlier days by easing their efforts once they'd collected enough users.

When designing our new affiliate system, we had you in mind. We considered our long-term users: the users that consistently go out of their way to promote CSGORoll.

So, we're excited to announce that instead of only receiving a free box upon registration, you'll now be granted a deposit bonus too! With this, you can support your favourite code owner multiple times. And if you're a creator, don't panic! Our OG users are no longer limited to one code... so get promoting!

Deposit Bonus

You can now redeem an extra 5% bonus on your deposits by entering your favourite creators code when depositing!

*It's important to note that your limit is $100 bonus per deposit. This bonus doesn't cover deposits using Gift Cards or CS:GO skins; only direct payments are accepted.

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Tier and Commission Changes

You can wave goodbye to static referrals! Instead of wagers, our new commission is based on deposits! This new system gives users that consistently advertise their code a higher chance to reach everyone: new and old, alike.

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Affiliate Tier Requires a Minimum of Referrals to Claim

We like to keep everything as simple as possible to ensure that everyone benefits. But to maintain the new changes, we had to update a few things.

Now, you must have a number of active referrals with at least one valid deposit generating commission to claim your affiliate earnings. This will support the system in continuing in the long run, by ensuring that abuse isn't possible.

Referral statuses

To understand our affiliate system as best you can, here's what the status of each refferal means:

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  • UNCONVERTED: User has not had a valid deposit after redeeming your code for 3 free cases;
  • ACTIVE: User redeemed your code and deposited over $1 in the last 14 days;
  • STEALABLE: This user has not changed the code yet but also has not initiated new deposits. This is when you need to actively promote your code to try and reach them;
  • STOLEN: User moved from your code to another, no longer generating commission or being a valid referral for your code.

Remember, as we grow we must adapt our system to give everyone a chance to benefit. That's why every change we make is based on your feedback. After all, what is CSGORoll without its community?

Remember to share your thoughts on our new changes on Discord and Twitter !