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Your Winter Wardrobe Sorted | HypeDrop

Gearing up for Winter? From New Balance to Supreme and Stone Island, here's what your seasonal wardrobe is lacking!

The cold is creeping in, and the nights are getting darker. It can only mean one thing... Winter's on its way!

It's time to pack away the tees and dig out your seasonal wardrobe. But if you're lacking inspiration, you've come to the right place. Last year, we planned your Autumn fits for you. And this year, it's time for Winter to step up.

Here's just some of the head-turning apparel you need in your collection, each available to unbox on HypeDrop .

Image via BSTN

Jordan 4 Retro SE Black Canvas

A monochrome pair of kicks? It must be Winter! The Jordan 4 Retro SE Black Canvas was designed with the cold in mind. Greyscale in tone, with seasonally-appropriate contrasting accents across the tongue and midsole, they'll complement any fit they're paired with.

Unbox the Jordan 4 Retro SE Black Canvas for $44.68 in Sneaker Investment .

Image via Supreme

Supreme x Burberry Shearling Collar Down Puffer

Burberry x Supreme's '22 collaboration was unveiled earlier this year to mass hype. And though it was originally made for Spring, the duo's Shearing Collar Down Puffer is on our wish list this Winter. In Burberry's signature print, it features co-branding on the reverse and toasty lining on the inside.

Unbox the Supreme x Burberry Shearling Collar Down Puffer for $127.34 in Burberry x Supreme .

Image via Highsnobiety

New Balance 550 White Grey

Spring, Summer, Autumn or Winter - New Balance 550's are a must! But in White Grey, the brand's most popular iteration of everyone's favourite silhouette is the perfect Winter shoe. In crisp white, with grey elements throughout, they'll lighten up any gloomy fit.

Unbox the New Balance 550 White Grey for $89.42 in 50% 550 .

Image via Hypebeast

Jordan 1 Retro High OG Starfish

You may think they look like an autumnal shoe, but paired with monochrome shades, the Jordan 1 Retro High OG Starfish provides a pop of colour your fit needs this Winter. Vintage in style, with a high cut collar in chocolate brown, they're guaranteed to make a lasting impression.

Unbox the Jordan 1 Retro High OG Starfish for $14.57 in Evil Pumpkin .

Image via Farfetch

Stone Island Compass Patch Cargo Trousers

Put down the denim! This year, cargo trousers returned to the limelight. The 90's staple have been spotted on just about everyone who is someone. And moving into Winter, their popularity isn't expected to falter. When you invest in a pair, make it Stone Island's Compass Patch rendition - in dark grey, they're the centrepiece of a seasonal monochromatic fit.

Unbox the Stone Island Compass Patch Cargo Trousers for $172.70 in Stone Island .

Image via Off-White

Off-White x Jordan Hooded Sweat

Last Winter, Fear Of God was all the rage. And though we'll still pull our Essentials Hoodie out of the closet, Off-White x Jordan's Hooded Sweat is set to take its place. Released in Spring/Summer of this year, the basic is key to layering during the colder months.

Unbox the Off-White x Jordan Hooded Sweat for $219.50 in Off-White x Nike .

Looking for something else? On HypeDrop , your winter wardrobe is only a tap away!

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CSGO/CS2 每日壁纸(2023.11.29)

※ 本人自行修改,可直接保存使用,仅供交流学习,禁止商用! 官方原图修改版1(1920*1440)修改版2(1920*1440)修改版3(1920*1440)

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