Can You Get Hardware Banned On CSGO?

Game developers add several types of penalties to deal with hackers and cheaters. Two of the most common type of penalties include permanent account ban and hardware ban. For CSGO, it is clear that cheaters get a permanent account ban. However, it’s not clear whether cheaters in CSGO get a hardware ban. If you have the same question, you are in the right place.

In short, you can’t get a hardware ban in CSGO. However, the penalty system in CSGO is a bit complicated. Here is our take on precisely that.

What is Hardware Ban?

When people get caught doing stuff they are not allowed in video games, they get banned from the game. One type of ban that a person can get is a hardware ban. But what actually is a hardware ban?

When you play certain video games, they get certain information about your computer. For example, they can obtain your IP address and ping. Another thing certain video games acquire if you decide to play them is information about your hardware.

When a player starts doing stuff they are not allowed to, like smurfing or using hacking software, they will get banned. Along with that, certain games will add hardware information of the offender’s computer to a list of banned players and won’t allow anyone with the same hardware information to play the game.

In a nutshell, a hardware ban is when the game not only bans your video game account, like the one you make on Steam or Epic, but it also bans your hardware. It means that no matter what account you try to use on your computer, you won’t be able to play a video game once you get a hardware ban.

Can I Get Hardware Banned On CSGO?

While many video games issue a hardware ban to players that get involved in things like hacking and cheating, CSGO is not one of those games. So if you are wondering if you can get a hardware ban on CSGO, the short answer is simply no. You won’t get hardware banned on CSGO.

There are four types of banns that an offender might get issued. Firstly, there is the VAC ban, which a player will get if they get caught cheating, like using wallhacks. The second type is the Overwatch ban, which may be for 30 days or permanent, depending on the offense. The third type of ban you can get on CSGO is the Account Untrusted Ban, which later turns into a VAC ban. All that these bans will do is prevent you from playing the game using the account you get banned on.

Finally, we have the Competitive Matchmaking Ban, which is simply cooldown players get for leaving a competitive match and ruining it for other players. This type of ban won’t prevent you from playing the game. However, it will prevent players from starting a competitive match. Neither of the bans we have mentioned above will ban your hardware.

Pros & Cons of Hardware Bans

There are several pros of hardware bans. The main benefit of issuing a hardware ban is that hackers are much less likely to start hacking again. When a hacker gets a hardware ban, they might need to get a brand new computer if they want to play the game, which is too much of a hassle.

However, hardware bans also have a major issue, which is why most games don’t give hardware bans, including CSGO. The thing is, CSGO is a game that is played on shared computers in most parts of the world. If one person gets a hardware ban on a shared computer like the ones in gaming zones, no one will be able to play the game on that computer, leaving innocent players to suffer.


The short answer is no. You can’t get hardware banned on CSGO. Several types of bans and penalties can be issued to CSGO players, but none include hardware bans.

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