Legends Stage Day Two Highlights: BLAST.tv Paris Major 2023

We have exciting updates from the second day of the BLAST.tv Paris Major Legends Stage. After the rigorous competition, we have two teams that have successfully advanced to the Champions Stage of the BLAST.tv Paris Major 2023, earning the prestigious Champions Status.

We will also discuss the teams that have been eliminated from the tournament, and, of course, we will look at the most exciting moments of the second day of the BLAST.tv Paris Major Legends Stage.

Best-Of-Three Matches: Who Advanced to Сhempoins Stage?

Let’s start with the most exciting part, who achieved the Champions Status and advanced to the BLAST.tv Paris Major 2023: Champions Stage. In the upper bracket (2:0 pool), four teams competed against each other: Heroic vs. Liquid and Vitality vs. Monte.

A team had to defeat their opponent in a Best-of-3 series to earn the Champions Status.

Heroic vs Liquid

The first match was between Heroic and Team Liquid.

Here’s the list of map selections and bans:

  • Liquid removed Vertigo
  • Heroic removed Anubis
  • Liquid picked Inferno
  • Heroic picked Mirage
  • Heroic removed Overpass
  • Liquid removed Nuke
  • Ancient was left over


On Inferno, Heroic played well in the first half on the CT-side, securing an 11:4 score. After switching sides, they confidently claimed the remaining rounds needed for victory. Heroic won the first map with a 16:11 score.

Grinding back our CT side — we aren't out of this 🦾 #LETSGOLIQUID | #BLASTTVMajor pic.twitter.com/yQ2HbcraDx

— Team Liquid CSGO (@TeamLiquidCS) May 14, 2023


On the following map, Team Liquid stepped up their game. With a well-coordinated defense, Liquid finished the first half of the map with a 9:6 score in their favor.

During the second half, playing on the attacking side, the American team continued their strong performance and managed to defeat their opponent with a 16:11 score. With the score tied at 1:1, the teams moved on to the final map to determine who would claim the Champions Status and advance to the BLAST.tv Paris Major 2023: Champions Stage.

PHOON??? @sjuushCS pic.twitter.com/3Gp3l7o1Pj

— HEROIC (@heroicgg) May 14, 2023


The map deciding the game outcome was Ancient, which was the most balanced of the series. Both teams traded rounds back and forth in the first half, resulting in a closely contested game. However, Team Liquid gained a slight advantage, ending the half with an 8:7 score in their favor.

WTF was that NAF!?!?!

Racecar peek 🚗💨 @NAFFLY pic.twitter.com/DE5AHQJS9L

— Team Liquid CSGO (@TeamLiquidCS) May 14, 2023

Nevertheless, in the second half of the map, Heroic made a strong comeback. With a well-executed attacking strategy, they broke through Team Liquid’s defense. Although Liquid attempted a comeback but couldn’t prevent Heroic’s victory. Heroic ultimately emerged triumphant with a 16:12 score and earned the Champions Status.

. @heroicgg deny @TeamLiquidCS the comeback attempt and lock in perfect 3-0 score in the Legend Stage #BLASTTVMajor pic.twitter.com/JnefRQ9zkc

— HLTV.org (@HLTVorg) May 14, 2023


Not all heroes wear capes 🇩🇰

Champions Stage ✅ │ #BLASTTVMajor pic.twitter.com/oy37nTwsMD

— HLTV.org (@HLTVorg) May 14, 2023

Vitality vs Monte

Vitality and Monte competed in the second match, fighting for the Champions Status and a spot at the BLAST.tv Paris Major 2023.

Here’s the list of map selections and bans:

  • Monte removed Inferno
  • Vitality removed Ancient
  • Monte picked Anubis
  • Vitality picked Nuke
  • Vitality removed Mirage
  • Monte removed Overpass
  • Vertigo was left over


Monte had a decent start on Anubis, winning four rounds in a row. However, Vitality, led by Dan “apEX” Madesclaire, made a comeback and gained a slight advantage with an 8-7 score in the first half.

In the second half, Vitality continued to elevate its play, making it challenging for Monte. Ultimately, Vitality emerged victorious with a 16:10 score on the first map.

That peek 🔥 @kRaSNaLkox pic.twitter.com/aStf7bCN4J

— MONTE ESPORTS 🇺🇦 (@Monte_Esports) May 14, 2023


Vitality confidently started the first half of the map as terrorists, establishing a solid lead of 10:5.

After the sides switched, Monte took some time to rally in the match, winning five rounds in a row. However, Vitality didn’t allow this to continue and closed the map with a 16:13 score.

WATCH OUT @dupreeh pic.twitter.com/IA09pGxqM8

— Team Vitality 🐝 (@TeamVitality) May 14, 2023

. @TeamVitality deny @Monte_Esports comeback and close it out 2:0, securing the first spot in the Paris Major playoffs #BLASTTVMajor pic.twitter.com/EOwjyW5qKw

— HLTV.org (@HLTVorg) May 14, 2023

Vitality becomes the second team to advance to the BLAST.tv Paris Major 2023: Champions Stage.

Unbeaten on the way to Accor Arena 🇫🇷🏟 @TeamVitality #BLASTTVMajor pic.twitter.com/zWQt1Fx7LF

— HLTV.org (@HLTVorg) May 14, 2023

Best-Of-One Matches (1:1)

Let’s look at what happened in the middle part of the bracket (1:1 pool).

Teams played one Best-of-1 match each. It’s important to note that no team is eliminated from the tournament at this stage, and none of the teams advance to the Champions Status. So let’s dive into the highlights of these matches and explore the results.

  • NAVI vs Ninjas in Pyjamas ( 16:9 Overpass )
  • Fnatic vs GamerLegion ( 11:16 Overpass )
  • ENCE vs Into The Breach ( 7:16 Vertigo )
  • Apeks vs Bad News Eagles ( 16:6 Overpass )

. @apeksgg secure their second victory of the Legends Stage, besting @_badnewseagles on Ancient #BLASTTVMajor pic.twitter.com/4PKwqjgymi

— HLTV.org (@HLTVorg) May 14, 2023

. @ITBesports pull up in Paris with a 2-1 score in Legends Stage after demolishing @ENCE 16:7 on Vertigo #BLASTTVMajor pic.twitter.com/8tRQ9QjPK8

— HLTV.org (@HLTVorg) May 14, 2023

. @GamerLegion join the 2-1 pool of the Legends Stage as take down @FNATIC #BLASTTVMajor pic.twitter.com/k1qUi2bmHQ

— HLTV.org (@HLTVorg) May 14, 2023

. @natusvincere pick up a dominant win against @NIPCS and go 2-1 in the bracket
#BLASTTVMajor pic.twitter.com/qjLJC2x0qa

— HLTV.org (@HLTVorg) May 14, 2023

The victorious teams advanced further and will compete against the winners from the upper bracket for the Champions Status.

Best-Of-Three Matches: Who Was Eliminated?

Four teams, which had a 0:2 score from their previous matches, battled against each other for a chance to proceed to the Legends Stage of the BLAST.tv Paris Major 2023.

9INE vs FaZe Clan

The first match was between FaZe Clan and 9INE. Interestingly, many analysts and experts find it puzzling that FaZe, who won the Intel Grand Slam Season 4, is currently in the lower bracket of this tournament. Nevertheless, this is the reality we are presently facing.

Here’s the list of map selections and bans:

  • FaZe removed Vertigo
  • 9INE removed Ancient
  • FaZe picked Inferno
  • 9INE picked Anubis
  • 9INE removed Overpass
  • FaZe removed Nuke
  • Mirage was left over


FaZe picked Inferno as the first map in their match and started to dominate. It took six rounds before 9INE could secure their first point. However, FaZe maintained control throughout the first half and ended it with an 11:4 score.

After the sides switched, the Polish team started on the T-side well and staged a comeback. Nevertheless, FaZe regained its dominance on Inferno. Although 9INE managed to claw back a few points, they ultimately lost the map with a 16:10 score.


9INE picked Anubis and had high hopes of defeating FaZe. Unfortunately for them, FaZe was prepared, and their experience helped them secure victory on the second map with a 16:8 score.

. @FaZeClan stay alive in Paris with a convincing 2:0 win over @9INEGG #BLASTTVMajor pic.twitter.com/7TbJ3K4Q5u

— HLTV.org (@HLTVorg) May 14, 2023

FURIA Esports vs G2 Esports

The second match for the opportunity to stay in the tournament was between G2 and FURIA.

Here’s the list of map selections and bans:

  • G2 removed Overpass
  • FURIA removed Nuke
  • G2 picked Inferno
  • FURIA picked Mirage
  • FURIA removed Anubis
  • G2 removed Vertigo
  • Ancient was left over


The first map was Inferno, and G2 had a strong performance in the first half on the T-side, ending with an 11:4 score. After swapping sides, they continued their dominance and emerged victorious with a final 16:8 score.


The second map started confidently for FURIA, but after the sixth round, they lost ten rounds in a row and finished the first half with an 11:4 score in favor of G2. After the sides switched, G2 won five more rounds and emerged victorious in this match with a 16:7 score.

. @G2CSGO quickly dismantle @FURIA and send them home #BLASTTVMajor pic.twitter.com/mH5EYVl3tU

— HLTV.org (@HLTVorg) May 14, 2023

Despite the Brazilian team’s good performance in recent matches, they are currently being eliminated.

Wrapping Up Legends Stage Day Two!

The second day of the BLAST.tv Paris Major 2023: Legends Stage has concluded, and we now have two teams eagerly awaiting their opponents to vie for the grand prize of $500,000, a spot in IEM Cologne 2023, and a place in the BLAST Premier World Final.

Keep cheering for your favorite team, and stay with us and follow our blog to stay updated on the events!

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