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CS2 Updates: Release of Epic Changes and New Features

On June 7th, Valve released a massive Counter-Strike 2 Limited Test update with numerous changes to gameplay and interface, including adding a new map, reworked buy menu, and other new features. Read further to find out all the details about one of the biggest CS2 updates so far.

CS2 Updates and Changes

The first change that comes with the latest CS2 update is a brand new loadout system that allows you to select fifteen weapons from three categories, add those to your custom loadout, and use them in your matches.

New Loadout System

The loadout list includes five pistols with this number, including the starting one which you get every round for free, five “mid-tier” guns, which are submachine, and five assault and sniper rifles.

Any 5 pistols, any 5 mid-tier weapons, and any 5 rifles. Today's Counter-Strike 2 update introduces a revised loadout system where players select 15 weapons from 3 categories on CT and T-side to bring with them into matches. Including the M4A4 and M4A1-S. pic.twitter.com/enl7mW9qnT

— CS2 (@CounterStrike) June 6, 2023

There are separate loadouts for the T side and the CT side, and you will never have to worry about picking between M4A1-S and M4A4, as you can add them both to your in-game loadout.

F*ck switching crosshairs / settings mid game.
Switching M4's mid game >>>

— NIP CS (@NIPCS) June 6, 2023

Refunding Weapons

Other changes that await you in Counter-Strike 2 are a reworked buy menu interface and the long-awaited ability to refund your accidental purchases during buy time. The buy menu wheel was replaced with a grid, and detailed descriptions of weapons are removed.

Bought the wrong thing? Meant to buy a different weapon, armor, or grenade? Sell your purchase back and buy again (during buy time). pic.twitter.com/7KJ4WN82XU

— CS2 (@CounterStrike) June 6, 2023

Mirage In, Dust 2 Out

Dust 2 is gone again. However, this time it is replaced by Mirage on official Counter-Strike 2 Limited Test matchmaking servers. Oneway Connector smoke no longer works, and you can’t jump on Ninja now.

MIRAGE NEVER LOOKED SO GOOD 😍 pic.twitter.com/CO9C4q9llb

— NIP CS (@NIPCS) June 6, 2023

FIRST EVER WINDOW JUMP IN CS2 pic.twitter.com/v9CDGIMdgc

— HEROIC (@heroicgg) June 6, 2023

Here is a video edit with clips from the Ohnepixel’s stream with him reacting to the new Mirage map.

New instant window smokes for the Counter-Strike 2 version of Mirage have been found already, so watch this video to learn them if you are a lucky player with Limited Test access.

VAC Live Is Now Live

A new VAC feature was also introduced: from now on, it will permanently ban cheaters and end the match after the current round unless it’s the final round and the cheater has already lost.

This will ensure a fair gaming environment for all players and will not impact the other players’ ranks. Additionally, players who were not part of the same group as the banned player will still receive experience points for the match.

New CS2 Workshop Tools

As promised, Valve also delivered new Counter-Strike 2 Workshop Tools that will help community contributors by easing the process of creating customized cosmetic items, such as weapon finishes and stickers, and community maps.

Source Filmmaker community… the day has come, welcome aboard to @CounterStrike ! pic.twitter.com/5rEiIA6Gu6

— ‎Gabe Follower (@gabefollower) June 7, 2023

Changes To The Sub-Tick System

The sub-tick system was updated as well to make it more precise and less “floaty’. To do this, developers fine-tuned weapon aim punch recovery to be latency-independent during sub-tick recovery on the client. Also, releasing movement keys now correctly conveys their sub-tick timing.

Updated Smoke

The controversial volumetric smoke received improved lighting and rendering when smoke overlaps multiple distinctly lit regions. Now, you will create larger holes in smoke when you shoot with a shotgun, and the high-explosive grenade effect times on smoke have been reduced.

Other changes

FAMAS now has a different firing sound.

The new FAMAS sounds great! https://t.co/Acz0on45pF pic.twitter.com/BJNNJFkyND

— Aquarius (@aquaismissing) June 6, 2023

Now, when a chicken dies in a Molotov fire in Counter-Strike 2, it gets cooked.

An unnoticed Counter-Strike 2 feature:

If a chicken dies to a fire it gets COOKED 🔥 pic.twitter.com/MA0QgbJsHk

— Aquarius (@aquaismissing) June 7, 2023

CS2 Update Reactions

Here are a few Twitter reactions of esports clubs, organizations, players, and content makers to the latest CS2 updates.

Just realized I can't use the "damn my bad I already bought kevlar and Deagle" excuse anymore pic.twitter.com/HH79yG64Sm

— Hac1 (@DonHaci) June 6, 2023

W 🔥 pic.twitter.com/tvx6bJ72st

— FACEIT Counter-Strike (@FACEITCS) June 6, 2023

it's getting closer.. https://t.co/me8Z5Ibwbn

— FACEIT Counter-Strike (@FACEITCS) June 7, 2023


— JOISPOI24 (@JOISPOI24) June 6, 2023

never dropping AWPs again 😌 pic.twitter.com/TYKLXPPCBq

— NIP CS (@NIPCS) June 7, 2023


— NIP CS (@NIPCS) June 6, 2023

thanks for listening to our feedback 🙏

now we just need that hoverboard

— HEROIC (@heroicgg) June 7, 2023

Exciting times ahead pic.twitter.com/1pSl87dDdx

— NAVI (@natusvincere) June 5, 2023

bet pic.twitter.com/LimVcahuC7

— BIG (@BIGCLANgg) June 6, 2023


— ropz (@ropz) June 6, 2023


— NadeKing (@NadeKing) June 6, 2023

What, okay cool, can I test? pic.twitter.com/0I5zDzmKqp

— Sprout (@sproutGG) June 6, 2023

Me when my teammate asks me to drop them an AWP but I don't have it equipped pic.twitter.com/R2UT5q6kzT

— Lenovo Legion UK & Ireland (@LenovoLegionUKI) June 6, 2023

didn't think it was difficult to throw a molotov pic.twitter.com/MVV2mE9XSQ

— WOOF (@heyimwoof) June 7, 2023

"WE" pic.twitter.com/h53CvT5LSk

— FACEIT Counter-Strike (@FACEITCS) June 6, 2023

While most of the community’s reactions were positive, not everyone liked the new CS2 update. What is your opinion?

Valve will add any old shite to the game and you'll all lap it up. Nevermind the shit economy, worst map pool in history, trash he grenade, tick-rate issues and so on.

They waved a shiny penny! pic.twitter.com/ozrjBItylT

— Thorin (@Thorin) June 6, 2023

Explore Hellcase Blog for more content about Counter-Strike’s skins and other cosmetic items, in-depth game guides, and esports news. Also, stay tuned for more CS2 updates!

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Twistzz告别正式Faze这三年来真是太不可思议了,从我加入这个组织的那一刻起,我就感受到了FaZe的粉丝和社区的欢迎。2021年并不是一个容易的年份,但我相信当时的计划,2022年我们取得了卓越的成就,到了2023年底,我们一起完成了我们开始的事情,让这个阵容在历史上与伟大的选手们并列。在IEM Sydney开始之前,队友们就知道了我的离开,我知道这将是最后一舞,但我从未想到接下来会有这样的成功。结局变成了开始,我们连续赢得了三个锦标赛,在这些胜利中,我感受到了和以前一样的FaZe的统治力。 我们完

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根据Leetify对CS2排名分布的回顾,超过四分之一的《反恐精英2》玩家正在努力达到有意义的Elo。该图表收录了近200万名玩家,显示约28%的《CS2》玩家的Elo为4000或更低。Leetify于11月30日发布了其排名,准确显示了CS2 Premier Elo排行榜上的位置和玩家数量。根据排名,15.5%的玩家停留在4000个Elo,约有13%的玩家排名低于这一水平。Valve最初为那些Elo排名在4000的玩家设置了安全网,并消除了任何低于5000的玩家的Elo损失。不过,这些内容很快

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2023 CS2 Elisa埃斯波大师赛开打,世界顶级队伍受邀参与

2023 CS2 Elisa埃斯波大师赛在11月29日正式开打,作为全球关注度极高的游戏项目,CS的比赛总能吸引到无数目光,特别是在今年CS2正式登场,可谓将射击游戏风潮推向顶峰。这次的Elisa埃斯波大师赛,可说是相当热烈。有不少队伍都争相出席,其中最令人注目的定是世界排名第二的ENCE与第三的MOUZ,ENCE首轮还将遇上芬兰战队HAVU。卫冕冠军fnatic首轮将对阵GL,然而缺乏两名队员的他们还未宣布正式阵容。赛事主办方Elisa公布了埃斯波大师赛的分组情况以及首轮对阵,这次比赛总奖金高达20万美

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CS2 12.1 更新:角色动画优化,subtick进一步改进

[ 游戏玩法 ] 对包括道具投掷动画和左轮手枪开火等各种系统的subtick计时器进行了改进 增加了玩家手持燃烧弹时缺少的火焰效果[ 动画 ] 减少了玩家角色的躯干与腿部方向偏离的程度 改善了受击反应 使跳跃动画有方向性 改善了玩家向上和向下瞄准时的姿势 改善了玩家奔跑时的脚步放置和姿势 减少了部署(deploying)时的动画姿势 玩家被闪光弹致盲时的姿势变化的时机现在更准确地反映了玩家的视力状况[ 声音 ] 修复了暗影匕首在循环检视动画时播放捕捉声音的问题 进一步优化了道具弹跳的衰减距离曲线和音量降低

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CSGO/CS2 每日壁纸(2023.11.29)

※ 本人自行修改,可直接保存使用,仅供交流学习,禁止商用! 官方原图修改版1(1920*1440)修改版2(1920*1440)修改版3(1920*1440)