10 Best CS2 Guns

CS2 is a first-person shooter, which is why it revolves a lot around weapons. You have sniper rifles, assault rifles, pistols, shotguns, and more. But among all those weapons, which ones are the best? To help you figure that out, here is a complete guide on the ten best CS2 guns.


The first weapon on our list is the AK-47. The AK-47 isn’t just the best weapon in the game. It’s also one of those things that define what Counter-Strike is. Plus, the AK-47 has the highest pick and kill rate across the board, including regular gameplay and esports.

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The one-shot headshot ability of the AK-47 against armored opponents is what makes it so great. While the spray pattern isn’t easy, the first bullet has incredible accuracy, and that’s actually all you need to take out an enemy.


Up next, we have the M4A1-S. While any CT would happily drop their M4A1-S if they see an AK-47, the M4A1-S is a force to reckon with. It’s the best option for you when you play on the CT side. Along with that, a huge chunk of players in the CS2 community prefer the M4A1-S prefer it over the AK-47, and they have a good reason for that.

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The best part about the M4A1-S is that it has a silencer. One downside is the low RPM and mag size, but that’s more than made up for with its positives. It’s also why the M4A1-S is the number one choice for esports pros for a CT automatic rifle.


At the third spot on this list, we have the AWP, which probably isn’t surprising since almost every gamer who has played Counter-Strike, even for a few matches, knows what the mighty AWP is. In fact, many CS2 strategies revolve around building enough economy to purchase an AWP.

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The power of the AWP stems from its ability to one-shot enemies at any range, regardless of whether they are wearing armor. While it isn’t a one-shot on the legs, almost no one shoots on the legs, which is why it doesn’t matter.


One major downside of being on the CT side is that you can’t purchase the AK-47. However, you can get the M4A4, which holds up quite well against the AK-47. Not only that, but it’s the second most popular assault rifle on the CT side among professional players.

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The two main benefits that the M4A4 has over the AK-47 include its easy-to-control recoil pattern and high rate of fire. Because of these qualities, the M4A4 is much more forgiving than the AK-47, allowing even beginners to play well.

Galil AR

So your team wants to do a Full Buy, but you don’t have enough for the AK-47. What do you do? Well, you get the Galil AR. Priced at $1800, the Galil AR is the cheapest automatic rifle in CS2.

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However, you shouldn’t underestimate the Galil AR because of its low price. It has a damage of 30, higher than all SMGs, the same armor penetration as the AK-47, 666.67 RPM, a large mag size, and the same damage drop off as the AK-47.


The Terrorists have the Galil AR, and the Counter-Terrorists have the FAMAS. Both weapons get used in the same scenarios, where you don’t have enough to buy the top-tier assault rifles but have to do a Force Buy.

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While the 70% armor penetration and 4% damage fall off are two weak points of the FAMAS, it still performs decent, considering it is an assault rifle and has the same damage as the Galil AR of 30. Another downside, and why it’s lower than the Galil AR on this list, is the price. The FAMAS costs $2050, which is $250 more than its T-side counterpart.

Desert Eagle

Let’s move on to the weapon that some players consider the AWP’s little brother, the Desert Eagle, or as CS2 players like to call it, the Deagle. With its damage of 53, armor penetration of a whopping 93.20%, and a damage falloff of just 15%, the Deagle can one-shot head-shot opponents at any range, even if they have helmets.

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However, the Deagle is not an easy-to-control weapon. While you can get good with it if you ensure proper practice, it will take a decent amount of time before you can start on-tapping enemies with the Deagle.


You might have noticed that hitting accurate shots while running in CS2 is almost impossible. However, one weapon in CS2 has near-perfect accuracy even while running at full sprint, which is the Tec-9. If you have $500, you can’t go wrong with the Tec-9.

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You’d be surprised, but many professional strategies involve players rushing to a bomb site with only Tec-9s. Combining its first-shot accuracy while moving with its incredibly high fire rate for a pistol, you can spam the hell out of it and easily get one or two kills at close range.


If your team isn’t doing well on the economy front but still has to deal with fully kitted opponents with AK47s, then your best bet is to get the Five-SeveN, body armor, and a diffuse kit for only two of your team members. The Five-SeveN packs a decent punch, with its 32 damage and armor penetration of 91.15%, allowing you to one-shot headshot opponents.

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Finally, we have the P90. The P90 shines the most with a spray-and-pray playstyle, thanks to its high RPM of 857.14, manageable recoil, and a large mag size of 50 bullets. The reason why it’s on the last on our list is because there are better options like the FAMAS.

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Weapons in CS2 have very little wiggle room in terms of subjective opinion on which ones are the best. For instance, if you are on the T side and need an automatic rifle, you should definitely consider the AK-47. However, you can make subjective decisions like which M4 to buy. Now, you have all the tools to help you make those decisions.

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