6 Skins in CS2 That Get Better With Wear

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There are hundreds of CS2 skins. For most of them, the principle works: the lower the float value, the prettier the skin looks. Of course, as with any rule, there are exceptions. This article compiles six skins that look better with a high float value than with a low one.

Glock-18 Off World

Glock-18 Off World CS2 skin

With minimal wear, the Glock-18 Off World skin seems like an extended version of the Glock-18 Twilight Galaxy. Bright colors and a multitude of details, painting on the lower part of the barrel – it's a clear upgrade. However, the true charm of this weapon is revealed with more wear. Above the trigger guard, an image of a skull in a crown appears while the paint remains almost undamaged. Splendid and affordable!

P90 | Dead Grip

P90 Dead Gri CS2 skin

In perfect condition, the P90 Dead Grip skin is unlikely to horrify anyone – plain hands on the weapon look quite harmless. However, as the wear increases, the skin really starts to live up to its name. Bony grips replace the ordinary hands wrapping around the weapon’s body, giving it a grim and stylish look. This is the skin's key feature that makes it unique.

Tec-9 Hades

Tec-9 Hades CS2 skin

Hades is not only the deity of the underworld in ancient Greek mythology but also the very realm of the dead. Nonetheless, the connection between the image and its name is not so easy to discern on the new skin. The weapon is adorned only with patterns in the style of helmets from the Spartan era. However, as the level of wear increases, the skin begins to reveal its essence. Instead of helmets, skulls start appearing on the Tec-9 Hades CS2 skin, as if floating on the grim waters of Styx in the kingdom of shadows. A powerful impression!

P2000 Imperial Dragon

P2000 Imperial Dragon CS2 skin

The P2000 Imperial Dragon is red with golden lines depicting a dragon, giving the weapon an elegant appearance in any state of wear. But at high wear levels, the skin acquires a pink-purple hue, adding a special charm and highlighting the dragon even more against the background.

AWP The Prince

AWP The Prince CS2 skin

AWP The Prince is a rare skin for the sniper rifle with a unique variant featuring a dark scope, which becomes noticeable as the wear level approaches the maximum - in "Field-Tested" or "Battle-Scarred" condition. It's important to emphasize that besides the scope, the rest of the weapon slightly loses brightness but retains its magnificent appearance.

M4A1-S Night Terror

M4A1-S Night Terror CS2 skin

The M4A1-S Night Terror skin is another example whose color transforms with increased wear and tear. Upon reaching "Battle-Scarred" condition, the weapon acquires a deep purple hue; however, the skin's design remains conspicuous. This allows for the selection of a preferred shade of purple by examining the M4A1-S Night Terror with varying degrees of wear.

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