Can You Get Unbanned From CSGO?

Gamers who get caught doing things they are not allowed to do in video games get banned. It also happens when people get caught cheating in CSGO. If you are wondering whether or not you can get unbanned from CSGO, you are at the right place.

The short answer is no. You can not get unbanned in CSGO after getting banned. However, there are sometimes false bans that automatically get reverted. Here is everything you need to know about getting unbanned from CSGO.

Why Do People Get Banned From CSGO

There are several reasons why people get banned from CSGO. One of the most common reasons that people get banned from CSGO is if they install third-party cheating software. You might have come across CSGO players that seem to know enemy locations through walls or start spinning like crazy and instantly headshot you when you get in their line of sight. Both of those are examples of instances where a person is using hacking or cheating software, which is a bannable offense for CSGO.

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Besides using cheating software, you can also get banned for not playing the game properly or deliberately trying to sabotage the game. For example, some people often deliberately lose CSGO matches on a separate CSGO account, so they can get a lower rank and play against lower-skilled players. That can also get you banned.

How Do People Get Banned From CSGO

The primary method that Valve uses to detect bannable offenses is by using anti-cheat software. This software detects when a player is using a third-party program to get unfair advantages like wallhacks and aim bots. After getting detected using third-party cheating software, an account will either get banned or move on to the next step, called Overwatch.

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Overwatch is a streaming feature where Valve asks experienced members of the CSGO community to review some gameplay footage of the offender and suggest whether or not they think that the person is hacking or engaging in any other bannable offenses. An account can also go into the Overwatch phase if it gets several reports of doing stuff that is not allowed.

Is There A Possibility Of Getting Unbanned From CSGO?

While the system Valve uses to detect bannable offenses is quite extensive and takes multiple factors into account, there still is a chance for a false ban or a malfunction that randomly bans a Steam user. To combat this issue, Valve has placed several preventive measures in place.

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Whenever an account gets banned, it is sent for re-evaluation multiple times if there are any doubts about whether the ban was legitimate or not. However, this is done automatically. If a ban is issued incorrectly to a Steam account, it will get removed automatically after the re-evaluation.

What Can I Do To Get Unbanned

Sadly, there is absolutely nothing you can do to get unbanned. As we have already mentioned, if a ban was falsely issued to an account, it will automatically get removed. Steam support does not have the authority to remove a CSGO ban, which means no matter how much you appeal to Steam support, they won’t be able to remove a ban from your account.

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That said, even if there is a possibility of an account getting unbanned from CSGO, it has to be because it was an incorrect ban. For a ban to be removed, the account must not have been engaged in anything against the rules. If you were using cheating software or deliberately trying to sabotage the game’s normal operation, there are zero chances of you getting unbanned.


The only way you can get unbanned from CSGO is if it was a false ban. It will automatically get removed if that’s the case. You can not do anything to remove a legitimate ban from CSGO.

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