New Faceit Update: Stricter Penalties for Leaving Matches


new FACEIT update

FACEIT representatives have announced the third season of CS2 Matchmaking on the platform. It will run from July 4 to November 10. Players in Europe, North America, and South America will compete to accumulate rating points. The top ten players from each region at the end of the season will receive a cash prize.

For the start of the new competitive season, FACEIT representatives have prepared several improvements. As before, the tournament organizers have conducted a soft Elo reset, but this time the changes only affect players with 2,800 points or more.

Additionally, in the new season, gamers who leave matches will face stricter penalties. If their team wins, they will receive 50% less Elo than before, and if their team loses, they will lose twice as much rating. Team members who remain in the match will also lose half the Elo in the event of a loss, provided they are not in a group with the leaver.

FACEIT representatives have also introduced several changes aimed at improving the experience of playing in group matchmaking. Now, friends who want to play together but have a significant Elo gap will find it easier to raise their ratings as a party throughout the season.

The previous season of FACEIT CS2 Matchmaking concluded on July 1. In Europe, the first place was taken by donk from Team Spirit, who accumulated 4,830 Elo.

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