Nitr0 Returns to CS2 — He Has Already Found a Team


Nitro returns to CS2

American esports player Nick "nitr0" Cannella has joined the NRG Esports CS2 roster. The club shared this information on their social media.

It was announced that nitr0 will be the new captain of NRG Esports. Cannella is the sixth member of the team, though it's still unknown who will be leaving the roster. Previously, the IGL duties at NRG were performed by Colby "Walco" Walsh.

By joining NRG Esports' CS2 roster, nitr0 returns to Valve's discipline for the second time in his career. He previously competed on the professional CS:GO scene from 2014 to 2020, then switched to Valorant, and in 2022 returned to CS for a year before moving back to Riot Games' shooter.

Current NRG Esports Roster:

  • Joshua "oSee" Ohm

  • Vincent "Brehze" Cayonte

  • Jadan "HexT" Postma

  • Colby "Walco" Walsh

  • Timothy "autimatic" Ta

  • Nick "nitr0" Cannella

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